Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Contact lenses are a great way to enhance your eyes and improve your vision. Whether you participate in sports, or don’t want to wear glasses for that “special” occasion, contacts could be get choice. OptiStar specializes in fitting all types of contact lenses including soft disposable, daily and toric , rigid and scleral lens.  Contact lenses are a medical device.

For Eye Exam bookings: we should add

Before you come in for your eye exam:

  1. Bring any written prescriptions for glasses and/or contact lenses that you have.
  2. Bring your current glasses, sunglasses and contacts with you
  3. Think about any other issues that might be bothering your eyes (i.e. dryness, redness, itching, light sensitivity, etc.)
  4. please bring a list of any medications you are currently taking

 For Contact Lens Fitting section:

In order to assure that the fitting curve of the lens properly fits the curve of your eye, your doctor or a Contact Lens fitter will check the health of your cornea and measure the curvature of the cornea or front surface of the eye. The curvature is measured with an instrument called a keratometer or autorefractor to determine the appropriate curve for your contact lenses.